P & P Private Security Services is centrally located in a suite of offices at 1333 E. Pioneer Parkway at the corner of Pioneer Parkway and Daniel Drive in Arlington, TX. Our offices are located just 2 miles west of 360 and easily reached from anywhere in the DFW area.

We have grown from a single office suite (8/2007) to filling half of the building in just 2 years. You can note (see pictures) that we have the room and resources to completely interview, screen, hire, license, uniform, and train our officers. We have a highly trained staff (each specializing in select duties) that allows us to quickly train our new hires before they begin work.

Employment Application
Once in the field, they are given "hands on" training by employees that have decades in the contract security field. Once they begin service, they are not "cut loose" to fend for themselves. They are checked on a weekly basis (more if the needs arise) with continuing guidance during their time of service; even when they are moved from site to site.

We pride ourselves on matching the employee to the job site. We train and will move a security officer to another property if it best serves the customers' needs.